An Eclipse…

Eclipse Photo from CBS News

e·clipse (i-klips)
n.1. The partial or complete obscuring, relative to a designated
observer, of one celestial body by another.
2. A temporary or permanent dimming or cutting off of light.
— The American Heritage Dictionary

Curious, our fascination with this,
This “Dimming” or “Cutting off of Light”…
Let us enjoy today’s Spectacle!
It is a Rare Event, and it’s Fun!
And when it is done,
Let us consciously Celebrate the ongoing Daily Miracle of Light:
The Sun
The Moon
The Electric Light Bulb
The Candle Flame
Faerie Lights
The Sun has shone in the Sky every day of our Lives!
That is the Real Miracle!
That is the Real Beauty!

It only happens a few times in one’s LifeTime…
These various types of Solar & Lunar Eclipses.
I have lived to see a few!
I remember back in Grammar School, they made such a Big Deal about this
Once-in-a -LifeTime Event, but told us that we couldn’t look at it!
If we looked directly at the Sun it would burn our Retina.
So we needed to take two identical pieces of Cardboard,
Poke a pinhole in one,
Hold it above the second,
And hold it to the Sun a certain way.
Then we would see perfectly clearly, the Sun’s Eclipse.
I did it.
I saw Nuthin’!
So, being a Kid with a Curious Mind, I then looked directly up into the Sun and in a moment, it felt as if I nearly went Blind!

Today, there are “Eclipse Glasses” for sale which enable us to look directly at the Eclipse — and So Successful has this been, that you can barely find a pair to buy.
In fact, there are many fake Glasses that are not ISO Certified, so double check that the pair you may have purchased are the right ones:

If you are not along the direct path, Internet Search the name of your City plus “the Time of Solar Eclipse 2017”
More information is available at:

Eclipse Map from the NASA Website

The timing and the obvious Symbolism, of course, could not be more Profound.
The darkness will cover the entire United States.
Just the United States.
It will be momentary — fleeting.
And the Light will return.
The natural order of things will ultimately not be affected by this fleeting darkness.
It is merely a part of it — a phase.
There is nothing to fear.
Thank You, Universe, for this Reminder,
And Just when we Need it Most!

It’s Fun to watch a Bunch of Miracles all Happening at Once:
The Earth
The Moon
The Sun
Their Orbits intersecting this way, but never crashing into one another!
Things that happen only once every Hundred Years, or so…
It is nice to have a little disruption of our regular routine to remind us that Miracles are not to be taken for Granted…
And they happen pretty much Every Day!
So many Times each Day…
What a Gift!

Is it too late to have an Eclipse Party?
Of Course not!
Grab a Friend, a Neighbor, or even a Stranger…
And Make Waffle Fingers!
These and other Last Minute Ideas are available from The WASHINGTON POST:

With JEFF and JIM after they surprised us all with Eclipse Glasses. They Live Life Beautifully!

I am at the GasLamp Guest House in Provincetown.
Our Wonderful Hosts, JIM & JEFF, surprised us this morning, presenting every guest with a pair of Eclipse Glasses!
How to Create Instant Jubilation!

Celebrate and Have Fun Today!
Celebrate and Have Fun Every Day!

STEPHEN COLBERT had some Fun with this on Friday.
You could start this at 6:25 for his take on the Eclipse, but the whole thing is worth watching…

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  1. Bless you, Arnold, for always being ready to celebrate and finding reasons for joy everywhere. And Colbert, well, he’s helping us through the insanity.


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