Miracles in the Tapestry

My weathered copy of HENRIK IBSEN’s A DOLL’S HOUSE

As a Casting Director, I have to see pretty much Everything.
Knowing Actors’ performances & capabilities beyond what they might do in the Audition Room is essential.
It enables me to speak up for them!
It is Important, and a responsibility which I take very seriously.

I know to those not in Show Business, this might seem terribly glamorous —
What a Great Job!
Imagine if seeing Shows all the time were your Work!
Well, YES!
I Love my Work!
But as it happens, Producers do not provide Casting Directors with free tickets. (These are the same Producers who expect me to have seen everything when they hire me!)
So, I do a lot of Rush Tickets.

Having been away for a few weeks,
And with a heavy Travel Schedule over this past little while,
I had some shows to catch up on.
It was my plan to see A DOLL’S HOUSE PART 2 on Friday,

In Line by 8:30am

Before the Original Cast departed on Sunday.
I got in line around 8:30am for Rush Tickets which go on sale when the Box Office opens at 10.
Too Late!
There was already a line, and when the tickets were distributed, I missed the cutoff by only 3 or 4 people.
Yet, I used the time waiting in line to re-read IBSEN’s A DOLL’s HOUSE so that I could have a fuller experience when seeing Part 2.
Got about halfway through it.

Deep Breath!
Not feeling Dejected!
I walked over to WAR PAINT and picked up a Rush Ticket for that, instead.
I enjoyed it immensely.
The Divas were en pointe!

In Line at 7:30am

The next morning, I got up even earlier and made it in line for A DOLLS HOUSE, PART 2 by 7:30am.
Finished reading IBSEN’s A DOLL’S HOUSE while waiting!
Got my ticket for the Matinee!
Headed over to CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY and nabbed a Rush Ticket for the Evening Performance.

Saw a young friend in her show at Noon:
A Valiant Creative Effort — Quite Delightful Overall!
So many Young People actively pursuing their Dreams of Theater.
Active Pursuit… That is the Key!
Meditation is a Wonderful Thing and Quite WorthWhile — even Necessary.
But to spend the Whole Day Meditating will not produce results.
Thinking and Dreaming upon what we want… This is Both Joyful and Essential!
But Active Pursuit… YES!
That ultimately is what Produces Results!
And when exercised in conjunction with Meditation and Dreaming, Quite a Powerful Way to Make Life Happen!!
And here were all these Young People,
Off their Asses and Working!
…So Inspiring!

So it was a Three-Show-Day for me!
Or Four-Shows-Within 24 Hours!
(Five Shows within 36, if you count the Re-Reading of A DOLL’s HOUSE!) (But I wouldn’t.)
A pretty full and relatively standard WorkDay for me!
I found So Much to Value and Enjoy in Every Show that I saw.
I have been doing this for some thirty years.
It is not new to me.
It is my Work,
and I Love It!
Like most things in Show Business, it is a considerable investment of Time and Money, all toward the Ongoing Betterment of What We Do and How We Do It.

And somewhere in the midst of the second show, sitting in that darkened room, as I so often am…
Gathered with Other People in the Dark to Laugh Together and Cry Together and Learn Together…
I became overwhelmed with emotion.
A tear streamed down my cheek,
not in response to anything particular happening onstage,
but rather, on account of the JOYFUL Privilege of Being who I am and Getting to Do What I Get to do.
There is So Much Gift in it, I could barely process my Gratitude as it began to pour forth!
Any of us in Show Business will tell you that we don’t spend nearly enough time in Gratitude.
“Oh, sure,” we’ll say, “From the outside, it seems very Glamorous! That’s what you think! But the true Insider Story is one of bleak hardship and hard knocks!”
And that is not way off the mark.
But it is also about how we choose to see it!

There I was, just doing my Job…
My Difficult, Expensive, Time-Consuming and Thankless Job…
When suddenly I was overwhelmed with Thankfulness!
Gratitude at my Beautiful, Exceptional, Full Of Wonder, and Delightful Job!
Does this ever happen to you?
One day, you are just going about the usual, when suddenly you see the Miracles — How Many Miracles it takes to get us through the Day…
And How Abundantly they Come!
It took two mornings waiting in line to Re-Read the full text of IBSEN’s A DOLL’s HOUSE.
Got it!
Not getting the ticket the first day, meant that I could see four shows instead of three.
Got it!
I had tried for WAR PAINT before this, and couldn’t get in.
This random Friday Morning, I simply walked up to the Box Office at 10:15am, and a Rush Ticket was available!
Got it!
Got it!
I got in to see one of LAURIE METCALF and CONDOLA RASHAD’s very Last Performances! (Of course, I’ll go back to see the new cast, as well.)
But How Fortunate!
Got it!
I got to see So Many Favorite Actors and Actresses and Directors and Writers and Producers and Artists and Creative Folks and Friends doing their Work in one 24 Hour Period.
And I felt So Lucky!
So Blessed!
So Grateful!
It took So Many Miracles in a Row to make all that happen!
The timing and the Seeming Serendipity of it All!
All coming together So Perfectly,
And at as low as possible a cost!
Got it!

And to boot, a thunderstorm was predicted for Saturday,
Yet while it loomed all day, it didn’t begin until later that night, after I had safely returned home.
Thank You, UNIVERSE!

And just as I arrived home, the rain began…

Do you have any idea just how many Miracles it takes to get through one day of being me!?
And, as usual, all were in place!
And another Day of Good Living happened!
Another Day of Being the fullest Version of Myself that I can Be!
Showing Up!
And Doing the Service that I can!
Following Through, and Offering Up what I have to Offer!
As the Prophet BARBRA STREISAND says, “At the moment of Commitment, the Universe conspires to assist!”

We Decide who we are, and that is how we Move through the World!

Do you have moments like that?
Where suddenly,
By Grace,
we are no longer thinking about the exorbitant overall cost
and the time it all takes
and the Great Imposition that our Job may often feel like,
and how Ordinary the Day may seem…
But Rather
How Reasonable the Cost is by comparison,
How efficiently the Time seems to Flow,
How Lucky we are to be Doing what we’re Doing and How many People would give anything to be in our shoes,
And How many Miracles are secretly woven throughout the tapestry of our Day to make it come out Just Right for Us…

How many Miracles can we count woven into the tapestry of This Seemingly Ordinary Day?

# # #

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  1. How very beautiful, Arnold. You embrace life and remind us to see the beauty in our work and our lives.


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