Worthy Recipients

Just placed into the stand, and undecorated, five days before Christmas

Just placed into the stand, and undecorated, five days before Christmas

What an Imperfect Holiday, eh?
I have been Way Behind.
Christmas was four days ago, and I’m still Way Behind!

Today is the Fourth Day of Christmas.
A reminder: December 25th is Christmas Day and December 26th is the First Day Of Christmas… the Twelve Days culminate in the Feast of the Epiphany (sometimes known in the United States as “Little Christmas”) on January 6th — the Twelfth Day of Christmas!

And so I take a Breath, and I remind myself that nothing is Behind.
No one has failed.
We are simply in the midst of it all!
As Always, Everything happens in the Perfect Time-Space Configuration.
In fact, this is still the first Half!
Now pause with me, and take another Deep Breath.
Deeeeeeeeep Breeeeeeeeath…
Take two or three, if you like….
Work has been Robust of late,
And there has been no time for Christmas.
Did it Anyway!

Everyone is So Tired!
I am So Tired!
Did it Anyway!

Got hit with a bit of this flu going around.
Knocked me out the week before Christmas!
Took some Wellness Formula,
Got up,
And Did it Anyway!

Cleaned. And Cleaned. And Cleaned!
Got things in shape for Shipping and Wrapping…
Some things arrived Late —
All Wildly Imperfect this year…

Not unlike Years Past.
Disorganized and Inefficient and from the Heart
And not from the Brain
And Impractical
And Scaled Down — Always attempting to make it work Better
Or Fit It All In, somehow.

Take out the Bins and begin Decorating...

Take out the Bins and begin Decorating…

But Christmas only works how it works.
It’s this kind of Impossible thing.
And the World and the Culture do not Stop to Welcome it the way they did when I was Growing Up.
Yet, Still it Happens.
Still it Comes.
Still it brings its Welcome Gifts of JOY and KINDNESS
To all who will allow and Welcome its Grace!

Messy and Imperfect and Fragile Christmas…
I only wish that it be Joy-Full!
It is called the Season of JOY!
Not the Season of Perfect Zen!
Not the Season of Perfect Timing!
Not the Season of Hostess With The Mostess!
I don’t have any of that going on this year!
And I never did!
Last week, running around like Crazy trying to get everything done…
I would pause just for a moment,
Boil some water,
And enjoy a cup of Sugar Plum Spice tea!
I only ever have it at this time of year!
I continue working, as I sip the flavor of the Holidays.

Perhaps you prefer some EggNog or Apple Cider or Hot Chocolate…

I would stop and put in a few Christmas CDs…

And a few Classic Collections, as well:

I text some Holiday Wishes to Beloved Friends.
I glance at some old photos of treasured holiday moments over the years.
I Love It!

"You might be Italian if..."

“You might be Italian if…”

Christmas Day, I made 13 pounds of Stuffed Shells!
Holy Toledo!
MAMA Loved them!
I hugged her and Thanked her for our 57th Christmas Together!
And I’ve spent virtually every one with her, I am proud to say!
Wouldn’t want it any other Way!

My Partner awoke Christmas morning to a note on the Tree from SANTA!
It explained that he was Very Loved and that SANTA would be stopping by on his way back around the World which, allowing for Crossing the International Date Line would mean Some Special Treats would arrive on Tuesday morning!
(Of course, my Partner and I had discussed this in advance and agreed to have our Christmas Morning with each other on the Day After Boxing Day this Year, to take some pressure off.)
How Imperfect!
How Very Human!
Embracing our own Imperfection and owning up to it is always a bit of a Process…
But it is Christmas!
It is an Imperfect Holiday!
It is another Opportunity to push around the elements of our All-Too-Full Lives and make a PathWay for some JOY!
Today is the Fourth Day of Christmas — there are Eight More ahead…

Whipping up the Pumpkin Bread which we make in memory of my Partner's MOM... her Recipe

Whipping up the Pumpkin Bread which we make in memory of my Partner’s MOM… her Recipe

So, Celebrate!
Celebrate Messily and Imperfectly and Move the Timing Around
and Make Way too many Stuffed Shells and Get a Lot Done and Be Tired,
but Be Kind!
It’s All OK!
It’s All a Part of It!
It’s like this Big Interruption in Everything we are doing with our Lives that says,

Time with Good Friends

Time with Good Friends

It’s Beautiful!
Come as You Are!
Imperfect as we are, we are Worthy Recipients!


The Tree was decorated just in time for Christmas Eve, and aptly named "Jolly Mister Plumpkin"

The Tree was decorated just in time for Christmas Eve, and aptly named “Jolly Mister Plumpkin”

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  1. How imperfectly perfect! You know how to live well, Arnold.


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