Sounds of Shattering Glass

Glass CeilingCan you hear it?
Can you feel it?
It’s Now!

Glass Ceilings are Shattering Everywhere!

The US NAVY is set to name a ship after Gay Rights Activist HARVEY MILK

Navy to Name Ship After Gay Rights Activist Harvey Milk

Nigeria continues its progress in last year’s initial ban on the genital Mutilation of Women, with an attempt to provide compensation and livelihood alternatives for the Circumcision Descendants Association of Nigeria (Oloola.)

Obasanjo advocates national legislation to end female genital mutilation

Nigerian genital cutters give conditions for ending Female Genital Mutilation

This Guy is Giving out Ice Cream..

Federal Appeals Courts are striking down unjust Voter Suppression Laws across the Nation.

And the piece de resistance…

The USA has its first Woman Nominee by a Major Party for President of the United States.
Whatever your politics, can we just acknowledge what an Amazing thing this is to See in Our Lifetime?
Can we acknowledge the extraordinary Breakthrough that is?

The First Black President Hugs the First Woman Nominee for President, DNC 2016

The First Black President Hugs the First Woman Nominee for President, DNC 2016

What a moment this past week when the first Black President of our Country hugged the first Female Presidential Nominee.
Not so very long ago, in this same country, a Black Man would have been killed for this picture.
Look How Far we’ve Come!

Regardless of Political Affiliation, Let us take a moment and appreciate what is Happening.
Change is a Constant.
I choose to Believe that Change is Good.
But to be Honest, it doesn’t always Feel Good.
This Change Feels Good!

I know.
There are Lots of Problems and Lots of Bad Things going on in the World.
There are kids in battle in Iraq and Afghanistan, in a War we entered, not as a last resort.
There are Police Officers killing people, not as a Last Resort.
There are Police Officers being killed in Peaceful Protests.
There is a Congress that refuses to do its job — It is now some Five Months that they have refused to act on the President’s Nomination of MERRICK GARLAND to the Supreme Court.
…It feels sometimes as if there is Bad News EveryDay, both in our personal Lives as well as in the World at Large.
But there is also Good News!

Say what you will,
There is no way that what is happening Now will not affect young women growing up in America in a myriad of Good and Positive Ways!

When my MOTHER and FATHER got married,
MOM learned to cook from my Father’s Mother.
Her own Mother was an Excellent Cook.
But in those days — not so very long ago — a Woman’s Role was to serve her Husband.

The “Women’s Lib” Movement began ten years later, in the 1960’s, and continued through the Late 1970’s, during what is considered the Second Wave of Feminism.
I Was in High School.
In 1984, GERALDINE FERRARO became the first Woman to run on a Major Party Ticket as a Candidate for Vice President.
She was running mate to WALTER MONDALE, and they ran against RONALD REAGAN and GEORGE H.W. BUSH’s Second Term.
FERRARO was famously asked on MEET THE PRESS, “Do you think that in any way the Soviets might be tempted to try to take advantage of you simply because you are a woman?”
Prior to her nomination, FERRARO worked as Assistant District Attorney in Queens County, New York. There, she discovered that her superior was paying her less than equivalent male colleagues because she was a married woman and already had a husband.

We are now in a time often referred to as Post-Feminism.
In France, Women could not work without the consent of their husbands until 1965.
In Spain, it was until 1975.
In May 2005, the Parliament of Kuwait extended suffrage to women by a 35–23 vote.

It was less than two years ago that EMMA WATSON famously spoke to the UN about Gender Equality as a World Issue.
Only three months earlier, MALALA YOUSAFZAI was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for attempting to promote Women’s Education in Pakistan, when only two year’s earlier, a gunman from the Taliban shot her in the head for doing so.

Nigeria’s significant moves to ban the genital mutilation of Women were just a few weeks ago, and there is much further to go there!

And so, to the Twenty-Somethings who might assume their Rights as Women, as granted,
Who would stand in the Balcony at the Democratic National Convention of 2016 and Boo against the nomination of HILLARY CLINTON,
Please acknowledge the Women whose shoulders you stand upon —

Susan B Anthony

Susan B Anthony

and Please ReDirect Your Energies!

As EMMA WATSON put it: Men are equally affected by Gender Inequality because they are bound by stereotypes as well.

And So, we all can Celebrate Now, and Participate in this Historic Change in America!

Perhaps we were born for Just such a Time as This!

# # #

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