Adam David JonesI teach.

As any teacher will confirm, sometimes you fall in Love with your Students.
Just the way you sometimes fall in Love with Your Nurse
or your New Baby
or your Elderly Neighbor
or Any Person you see engaged in some valiant kindness,
walking through their Life in Heroic Ways,
or who awakens you to your own humanity —
Who helps you to see the World from a New and Brighter Perspective!

ADAM is like that!
He was my Student some 15 years ago.
What an extraordinary kid!
OK, he’s 36 now.
But he is Still an Extraordinary Kid!
So Bright and Alive and Politically Aware in a way that makes him memorable.
I ran into him once on the street, after class;
I was with my partner, to whom I whispered,
“I know that I’m not supposed to have favorites among my Students.
But he’s my Favorite!”

ADAM and I over the years would meet for Coffee now and then when he was in New York.
He is one of those rare people who Always brings the World to Light in a New Way.
He had a CREDO Phone Plan about three years before I got one.
In the Living of his Life, ADAM is a Progressive,
in the most Beautiful Sense of the Word.
An Activist.
A Game-Changer
A World-Changer
A Hero.
I have never known him to question anything that was clearly for the Betterment
Of Society
Of the Citizenry
Of the People
He trusts his Heart.
And he follows that.
In doing so, he makes the World a Better Place.

and in this, I could never separate Politics and Art.
Art is Political.
And ADAM is a Great Artist.

Last week, I learned that ADAM had spent the day volunteering at a Voter-Registration Rally for BERNIE SANDERS in Pennsylvania.
Making the World a Better Place, as is his way,
Signing up Voters,
Dispelling Voter Apathy with his usual Passion and Grace,
Like the SuperHero that he is.
Sometime later that night, he was Beaten Unconscious
And he is now in critical condition suffering Brain Damage.
York Co. man beaten unconscious in Harrisburg
This is the United States of America 2016.
This happened here.

And if the idea of DONALD tRUMP condoning violence toward those who disagree with him seems to anyone like some innocuous campaign management tactic,
or if the backlash against his behavior seems in any way like an infringement upon tRUMP’s so-called Freedom of Speech,
or Yours,
Think of ADAM.

DONALD tRUMP’s Pro-Violence stance gives sanction to Violent Acts toward those who would disagree with him.

These seem like News Stories —
Distant happenings in far away places that don’t affect us directly.
Part of the emotionless Circus SideShow that is American Politics.

But here is ADAM, even at 36 years old, one of my Favorite Students,
In the Hospital
In Critical Condition
A piece of his Skull Removed
And Brain Damage.

What will it take to see what is happening here?
Must we wait until it happens to our Favorite Student?
Our own Child?
Someone we Love?

To those who tell me that DONALD tRUMP is really quite harmless…
To those who insist he is really quite liberal and his entire campaign is just showmanship, and it doesn’t mean anything, and he’d really make a good President…
To those who tell me that this abominable display we have seen is ‘just the zeitgeist,
but really he’s a Great Guy’…
To every friend and relative who has said, ‘Ya’ know, I would never vote for him myself, but a lot of what he says makes really good sense…’

He is Not Harmless.
This is Not ShowManship.
Any man who promotes Violence would Not make a Good President.
He is not just the zeitgeist — He is pandering to the lowest basest aspect of humanity
And nothing makes sense when innocent people are getting their brains beaten in!

If you wish to contribute to ADAM’s Medical Expenses, you may Click Here

If you wish to ignore the trail of carnage from DONALD tRUMP’s candidacy and his condoning of violence,
and that of all those who would condone violence,
like GEORGE W. BUSH before him who unnecessarily and Not-As-A-Last-Resort brought so many innocent young people into War in the Middle East to lose their lives…
Then perhaps you need to rethink
What is your Vision for this Country?
What is America to You?
And the Person that you are.

Are you the person you say you are?

ROGER STONE, a longtime political operative who makes KARL ROVE and the KOCH BROTHERS look like RICHARD SIMMONS and the Dallas CheerLeaders,
serves as adviser to DONALD tRUMP.
His strategy: “Remember, Politics is not about uniting people. It’s about dividing people. And getting your fifty-one per cent.”

After tRUMP’s defeat in Wisconsin yesterday, the newest expected hire for the tRUMP Campaign is JOHN SWEENEY, the man GEORGE W. BUSH called “Congressman Kickass,” as SWEENEY and STONE were responsible for the so-called Brooks Brothers Riot which disrupted the Florida Elections Commissioners and bought us eight years of the BUSH-CHENEY Regime.

The team is back together again.

This week, STONE called for a DAYS OF RAGE Protest at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland this July.
Last month, tRUMP predicted “riots”
if he is blocked from receiving the nomination.
STONE told Internet Radio Host ALEX JONES,
“If I have any advice for Trump supporters, rank-and-file tRUMP supporters, it would be this. Go to Cleveland…Come to Cleveland. Don’t let the big steal go forward without massive protests…as they used to say, don’t wait for orders from headquarters, ride to the sound of the guns. I don’t mean to imply violence with that, I mean ride to where the action will be.”

You don’t mean to imply violence?
I, for one, have seen enough!

And I am Grateful to Heroes like ADAM DAVID JONES
who are out there, Boots on the Ground,
Fighting the Good Fight
To save America.

Let his name be remembered.
Pray for his Healing
And that we may have more like him.

Last Year’s US Census confirmed that only 42 per cent of Americans voted in the 2014 elections.
Voter turnout in the United States is the Lowest in the Developed World.

According to The Washington Post
in 2004, when BUSH won his second term, more than 78 million Americans who were eligible to vote stayed home on Election Day.
BUSH actually won only 30.8 per cent of total eligible voters.

ADAM DAVID JONES spent the day registering Voters,
Before he was attacked and beaten
And sent to Critical Care.

I so look forward to his Healing
To seeing where ADAM’s Life will take him
And Take us
And all that is in store along his Journey Ahead.

I am Grateful that I am not walking through this Election Campaign
This Country
This World
Without the likes of Him!

Thank You, ADAM!
And THANK YOU to everyone like him!

Adam David Jones

Adam David Jones

# # #

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  1. Everyone needs to read this, Arnold, EVERYone!

  2. Oh, no! This beautiful young man the victim of such brutality…it’s unthinkable. Yet there he is, lying in a hospital bed. It’s mad, vicious, cruel. May minds be opened, hearts swayed by your eloquent plea, Arnold.


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