Giving Thanks Day

IMG_5809One of the things of which I am Proudest
Is to live in a Nation in which we set aside a Holiday for the sole purpose of
Giving Thanks.

Some say I am naïve,
And the true purpose is FootBall,
the sale of Cranberries,
and the Inventory Clearance Shopping Day — now Week — known as “Black Friday.”
And perhaps those elements have protected and buoyed this Holiday Up
Into the Five Day Weekend that it is for So Many of us
With the Travel Home
And the Celebratory Feast.
Others voice Great Political Objection to an Occasion that marks the obliteration of an Indigenous Culture by White Europeans.

Well, all of these issues may be worthy of discussion.
but that is not the Holiday I choose to Celebrate.

And I do not expect for one minute that any of those things account
for this being the greatest Travel weekend of the year.
There is some Larger Spiritual Aspect at work.

We have so many things in our Day-to-Day Lives
That we Fear
Take for Granted

Terrorist Threats continue to be on the rise;
Politicians continue to offend and appall, appealing to the lowest common denominator;
Prices continue to increase,
Salaries less so…
But somehow, at least on this one occasion every year, we pause
We Give Thanks
For all that we have
For all that we do
For all that we are

For our Families
And Friends
Our Work
And our Challenges — Our Great Teachers
For the Silence and Stillness
For the Magic
For the Miracles…

A few weeks ago, I took MOM to the Eye Doctor.
Macular Degeneration.
Not an easy thing.
The Doctor explained that there was a procedure available that involved sticking a needle directly into her eyeball — very high risk, and no guarantee that it would work
but the only option available.

I took her for this news on a Morning when her Cleaning Lady was at the apartment.
We had an early appointment,
So we left ALBEE cleaning, and told her to close the door behind her when she was done.
(If you knew my Father, you would know what a Huge Ordeal this was to Trust a relative Stranger in your apartment alone!)

When we returned, with this frightening procedure having been scheduled for the following week, I went into the kitchen to make her Lunch.

MOM was sitting in the Living Room in her favorite chair.
I peeked in, and saw her deep in thought.
I asked, “What are you doin’, MOM?”
“Just thinkin’,” she replied.
“What are you thinkin’ about?” I asked, imagining the worst, and knowing what I would be thinking if I were just told I had to have a needle put through my eyeball.
“I’m just lookin’ around at my nice Clean Apartment,” she smiled calmly and serenely.
“And thinkin’ about how lucky I am to have my Cleaning Lady. I trust her.
My son is making me Lunch.”
She smiled.
“I feel like a Queen!”
She was genuinely Contented,
Pausing for a Moment
Counting her Blessings…

I’ve a close friend
Who recently had a series of strokes.
A mutual friend paid a visit with me earlier this week,
Spent an hour, just chatting and reminiscing about old times…
When our friend left, my friend was Glowing;
Could not get the Smile off her Face.
“Aren’t we Lucky!” she sighed with satisfaction.
She walked back and forth swinging her arms, delightedly.
“So very very Lucky!”

That’s what GivingThanks Day is all about.
Not having what you want
But wanting what you have
Not doing what you like
But liking what you do.

So when I hear people talking about being alone at the Holidays and what a Depressing Time it can be,
I think, “Well, if that’s your choice…”
But you are needed.
Your help
Who you are
What you are capable of Contributing to the World
Is Very Much Needed
Are you depressed on ThanksGiving?
There is a Soup Kitchen that needs your help.
There are Homeless People who need Food.
Bring them some.

GivingThnaks Day 2Are you harried and overwhelmed?
Then Pause
Pray, even!
Give Thanks!

Are you sick of your Family and their lunatic politics?
Are you just feeling Blue and Angry at Everyone.
Get off your Pity Pot.
Find someone Less Fortunate than Yourself.
It won’t be difficult.
Remember that 70% of the World has never used a telephone.
90% of the World does not have Hot and Cold Running Water.
Instead of writhing in Affluenza, lets’ rise up in Gratitude
And Give Thanks for All that we’ve Got!
Feel like a Queen!
Aren’t we Lucky!

This is GivingThanks Day Weekend!
Mend an Old Quarrel.
Forgive Someone.
Forgive Everyone.
Forgive Yourself.
Count Your Blessings.
Write ‘em down!
Shout ‘em Out!
Give Thanks!
Is there someone for whom you are Thankful?
Tell them.
Tell them again.

My Stuffed Mushrooms

My Stuffed Mushrooms

Maybe there’s a relative you will see today whom you find challenging.
Ask what is going on with them.
Figure out how you can be a Blessing to that person.
There is Some Sacred Contract that has brought you together.
You selected this Family and Manifested here.
What can we do to Express Gratitude to our Hosts?
Our Family?
Our Friends?
The World?

Make a List of all the things for which you are Grateful.
Pause here.
Close your Eyes
And Say ‘em Out Loud.
Five Things.

Or if you feel compelled, Write ‘em Down and Share ‘em in the Comments Section Below.
Share ‘em with the World.
Make a Sign and Post ‘em in the Room in which you are working today.
Or Make this List the Desktop Picture on your phone All Day Long!
Think on these things.
Think on Nothing But these things
All Day Long.
That is how to Celebrate Giving Thanks!

Happy GivingThanks Day!

Happy GivingThanks Day!

Happy GivingThanks Day!

# # #

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  1. Lauree Dash

     /  November 26, 2015

    I am so grateful for you in my life
    ❤️ Happy Thanksgiving Arnie


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