The Important Thing

20150811_173311The other day, I was talking to my MOM about all the Travel I’ve been doing.
“O.K.,” MOM commented. “As Long as You’re Having Fun! That’s the Important thing.”
And then it struck me.
She has Always said that.
Even when I was a Kid.
She said that to all of us — not just to her own Kids, but even to friends from the neighborhood who visited or to others at Family Gatherings, and to her own Friends, as well.

“Having Fun! That’s the Important thing!”
It makes sense to me that this kind of Wisdom comes with being almost ninety years old.
But, in this case, it seems more like
Something she has Always Known.

A few years ago, my niece was looking through some old photographs.
She asked, “Grandma, who is this tall handsome man in this picture with you from when you were young? I don’t think that’s Grandpa.”
And my MOM laughed with a glint in her eye, and said to her Granddaughter,
“Oh, I was a Naughty Girl!”

Having FUN!
We so often think of that as something not really important — somehow less of a priority than Work or Duties…
But MOM would disagree.
And So Would I!

IMG_0068When was the last time you had Fun?
And What is Fun to You?
A 5K Run?
Being Curled Up with a Good Book?
Dinner with Friends?
Listening to Favorite Music?
A Show?
A Date, perhaps without CellPhones?
A Spontaneous Adventure?
Perhaps Fun to you is a Yankees Game?
Perhaps you prefer to get all dressed up and go out on the town?
Or Maybe just something new — Something you’ve never tried before?

Tickles are Fun!
Drawing is Fun!
Color is Fun!
PlayGrounds and BikeRides and Physical Activities are Fun!

It’s worth some thought.
And Whatever FUN is for You:

My Sister Designs Clothes and New Looks

My Sister Designs Clothes and New Looks

Claim It!
Reclaim It!
Express It!
Embrace It!
Enjoy It!

Even Santa takes Labor Day Weekend Off to Celebrate

Even Santa takes Labor Day Weekend Off to Celebrate

Have At It!
Prioritize It!
Make the Time for it!

Make it Happen!

It’s Labor Day Weekend!
Time to Rest from Our Labors and Celebrate the Rewards of the Work we do.
Labor Day is a Celebration of the Working Person, started over 130 years ago.
PETER J. MAGUIRE, Cofounder of the American Federation of Labor and General Secretary of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, is believed by many to be the First Person to suggest a Day to Honor Those “who from rude nature have delved and carved all the grandeur we behold.”
Anything you were hoping to do this Summer?

IMG_5137It’s Still Summer!
Wanna’ get to the Beach?
Wanna’ get to an Amusement Park?
Wanna’ Leave Work Early one evening and go for a BikeRide outdoors?

Dance and Have Fun!

Dance and Have Fun!

Wanna’ turn on the Barbeque?
Wanna’ Movie Night?
Wanna’ lie in a Grassy Knoll, look up at the Sky, and watch the Stars?
How about a Walk through the Local Botanical Gardens?
Wanna’ Savor some Passing of Time?

IMG_3164Have FUN!
That’s the Important Thing!

# # #

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  1. andreawd2014

     /  September 5, 2015

    Very cool!

    Andrea Weissman-Daniels Co-Founder and Chair SPARK c) 416 317-9823


  2. Thank you for reminding me of this!


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