The Gift of Time: Mother’s Day 2016

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother's Day

Me and MOM, Out for Dinner with Family on Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day
Wildly Commercial
A Great Day to be a Florist
A Good Day to have a Greeting Card Company
But the True Gift of Mother’s Day
Is the Gift of Time.

My Mother would often tell me of her Mother,
“Whenever you’d ask her,
‘MAMA, What do you want for your Birthday [or Mother’s Day or Christmas],’
she would always say the same thing.
‘La Visita!’ meaning ‘A Visit!’
That’s all she ever wanted!”
“We have a Lot in Common,” I would tell her,
“That’s all my Mother wants, as well.”


Abundant BeautyABUNDANCE
What does it mean to you?

One need look no further than The Secret Shame of Middle-Class Americans, NEAL GABLER’s profound expose’ of current economics in America, in this month’s THE ATLANTIC to see the sobering realities of economics for Most of Us.
As the byline reads, “Nearly half of Americans would have trouble finding $400 to pay for an emergency. I’m one of them.”

Earnings are low. Debt is high. The shame of financial impotence is rampant.
I am as subject to these realities as any other person who has spent their life working in American Theater since America’s 200th Birthday.
But these actualities and the harshness of their toll do not define me.
As GABLER says in his article, “We don’t make [the choices that define who we are] with our financial well-being in mind… We make them with our lives in mind. The alternative is to be another person.”

But I choose to be the person that I am.