Do What you Can

Marcal Paper Products

Marcal Paper Products

We have very strict rules in my Household about Disposable Paper Products.
100% Post Consumer Recycled Only.
As a former student of mine phrased it,
“No one needs to kill a Tree to wipe their ass!”
Crass, but Clear.


The Words are decidedly in that order.

First Rule: Use Less. (more…)

Make a Joyful Noise

Screen Shot 2015-10-18 at 8.31.24 PMRecently, My Friend’s Mom died.
I was very sad to receive this news.
She was a great Lady and I Loved her.
I wanted to write something, and amidst the hundred million commitments between receiving the news on Sunday and the Funeral Service on Tuesday Evening, I did.
It was neither as fleshed out nor as Poetic nor as Deeply Expressive as I wished it to be.
But it was what I had.

I arrived at the Funeral Home and told my friend,
“I wrote something.
I am happy to read it.
And I am happy to not read it.
It’s not very good.
I am also happy just to give it to you.”

She shrugged, and said empathetically, “I don’t know.”


Four Sunsets

The First Sunset

The First Sunset

The First was strangely Magnificent.



As if it had been summoned by some Glorious Deity

For Some Grand Occasion

And it was.


‘Twas likely no Greater or Lesser than any other of the

Twenty-thousand or so Sunsets of my Life thus far.

What set this one apart was that

I paused, quieted myself, and opened to it.


He Met With WHO???

The Universe has Its Say

The Universe has Its Say

POPE FRANCIS seems a pretty Cool Guy.

I mean, especially compared to his Dangerous Predecessor,
A Murderer I equate on a par with RONALD REAGAN:
POPE BENEDICT, formerly “CARDINAL RATZINGER,” a Hitler Youth who back in the Eighties authored the document, “On The Pastoral Care of Homosexual Persons” which implied that the Murder of Homosexuals was something brought upon themselves by their behavior.
I have a copy of this Document.

POPE FRANCIS made his visit to the United States
Shaking hands with people so as to avoid having his Ring Kissed.
Speaking his Truth regardless of whom it might offend,
Speaking Out against Global Warming,
Calling for the Abolishment of the Death Penalty
Speaking in Favor of Equality…
Cool Guy! (more…)