It’s a Strange Holiday, isn’t it?
It Moves…
The Fourth Thursday in November could be as early as the 22nd or as late as the 28th
It’s Late this year.
And that shortens the Shopping Season between Now and Christmas
And that makes the Primary Beneficiaries of Capitalism angry.

Growing Up, there was this Marvelous Long Weekend in November
You could do whatever you liked.
Play…. (more…)

NewSpeak: 30 Years Later

1984-signet19811Remember Seeing that Book, 1984, as a Kid?
Remember thinking, “WOW! I’ll be in my twenties when that year comes!
We will Live to See This!”
Remember then thinking, “I will Live to See the Year 2000?”
Or with somewhat less confidence, “Maybe I’ll Live to see portable video phones — like Dick Tracy’s wristwatch!” (more…)

40 Days

IMG_3539Commercial Establishments Rush the Season.
It’s Happening now.
Two weeks ‘til GivingThanks Day…
Store Windows are being decorated;
Businesses are in full Regalia
Though not a fan of the Commercialism of Christmas
I do like Planning.
And I do like the Kind of Advance Preparation that makes things run Smoothly.
And I Like Christmas! (more…)

Ordinary Days

Hula HoopOrdinary Days
Messy and Clunky
And with So Many things needing to be worked out
Who can tell
Where we are heading or What we would like or When it will all be Fixed??
In the final Act of THORNTON WILDER’s OUR TOWN, Emily asks, ”Do any human beings ever realize life while they live it every, every minute?” (more…)