Get The Word Out

Wordson HandGet the Word Out!
Get the Word Out!

There is So Little Time!

Get the Word Out
Your Words
Let them Flow
Let them Sing
Let them ROAR

Set Fire to the World (more…)

Spring has Sprung

20140315_133402 - Version 2Rebirth
Daylight Lengthens
Spring Begins…
Look closely.
There are buds on the twigs…


An Urban Moment

df1e3ed749e45cb9fe00caf25e26bfcfOn the E Train
Three Young Black Kids get on
and clear an area of the crowded train

“Showtime!” “Showtime, Folks!”
They plug their ipod into tiny portable speakers (more…)

Don’t Miss the Miracle

dirtDo you believe in Miracles?

How does the expression go?
“Those who do not Believe in Miracles have forgotten that they are one.”

Years ago, I flew my Brother-in-Law and his family on their first Visit to New York to stay with us for ThanksGiving Weekend.
My partner had always said how he dreamed of a Home with a Rectangular WindowBox filled with bright cheerful flowers. (more…)




Some Years ago, I knew a Beautiful Young Man who was just a little too uptight.
His Soul was Dazzling and just aching to Burst Forth.
But he subjected himself to too many rules.

I declared for him MESSY MARCH!

I suggested that he let go of All the Rules
and Perfectionism
and Can’ts
and Ways of Not Being Good Enough,
and that he just engage in the BIG BEAUTIFUL MAGICAL MESS that Life is!

Dive in a Giant Vat of Melted Chocolate Naked!… (more…)